David Suzuki on Canadian democracy

By Anthony Jenkins, the Globe and Mail, 15 February 2013

We have the right to vote. Should there also be an obligation to vote?

Yes. It is a big concern for me that people are elected by only a minority of the people who vote, but that a huge percentage of people aren’t even bothering to vote at all. This is an undermining of the whole democratic process. (...)

The thing that disturbs me a great deal about Canada is that we are following along the lines of the United States in allowing greater and greater influence of lobbyists. I think any candidate who meets certain standards should be supported. Let the tax dollars support candidates. People would then have a responsibility to the people who paid for their campaigns. Corporations and very wealthy people put a huge amount of money in to support candidates and then they’ve got direct access to those candidates when they are elected. That really does get us off what I think democracy is all about. (...)

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Photo by Anthony Jenkins /The GLOBE AND MAIL