A Decade Of Torment

By David Kilgour, Michele Brill-Edwards, Brian McAdam and David Hutton, National Post, 17 March 2008 

After dragging through the courts for almost a decade, the case of Joanna Gualtieri has produced an important development.

In 1998, the Department of Foreign Affairs whistle-blower -- who exposed lavish waste and extravagance within Foreign Affairs in the 1990s --left Foreign Affairs and sued her bosses for harassment. More than nine years later, a pre-trial judge has issued an important ruling, criticizing some of the government lawyers' methods and calling for these tactics to end.

In a ruling released last month, Superior Court Master Robert Beaudoin observed that the pre-trial discovery process "has taken on the dimensions of a public inquiry," and that the volume of the government's requests represents "an abuse of the discovery procedure." [...]

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Photo: FAIR Whistleblower