Democracy Watch releases Election Platform Report Card

Green Party of Canada

Democracy Watch Online, 28 April 2011

Today, Democracy Watch released its Report Card on the 2011 Good Government Election Platforms of the five main federal political parties, the only election report card on these issues. The Green Party received the best overall grade of B-, with the Bloc second with C-, and the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP all receiving F. [...]

"All the federal parties except the Green Party have failed to respond to high voter concern about democracy and trust issues, but voters focused on these issues should still come to the polls and at least mark their ballot none of the above to show their concern. One can only hope that the parties will actually address these concerns when Parliament opens again so that everyone in federal politics will finally be effectively required to act honestly, ethically, openly, representatively and to prevent waste," said Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Democracy Watch. [...]

The parties were given a grade ranging from A (Platform makes clear promise to implement proposal) to I (Platform does not mention proposal), with grades B for a vague or partial promise to implement the proposal, C and D for clear to vague promises to explore the proposal, E for mentioning proposal and F for mentioning the theme of the proposal. Grades were averaged for each of the five sections, and the averages of section grades were used to calculate the overall grade for each party. [...]


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Photo: Green Party of Canada