Five ways the new anti-mask Bill C-309 will affect activists and civil liberties

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By Steffanie Pinch,, 14 November 2012

Bill C-309 is the latest attempt by the Harper Government to strangle dissent. 

Put forward by Alberta Wildrose backbencher MP Blake Richards, the Bill is an amendment to the Criminal Code. Specifically, it makes it illegal to wear a mask at an "unlawful" protest, a crime now punishable with a decade-long jail sentence. (….)

Canadians have the right to "peaceful assembly" under section 2(c) the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But what separates a peaceful protest from a riot is often at the discretion of police. 

According to Paul Champ of the BC Civil Liberties Association "it is often very unclear when a 'lawful assembly' becomes an unlawful one. And if it does become unlawful, did a person present at the assembly want it to become disorderly? And how do they remove themselves from the scene?" (...)

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