Foreign-aid charities join forces to challenge Revenue Canada audits, rules

By Dean Beeby, The Canadian Press, CBC News, 11 August 2014
"Some international-aid charities are joining forces to challenge the Canada Revenue Agency's increased scrutiny of the sector, saying onerous new demands are draining them of resources that are badly needed overseas." (...)
"A dozen such groups conferred last week about a joint strategy to present to agency officials next month, a reversal from the last two years when many charities refrained from speaking out for fear of aggravating the taxman." (...)
"'The situation is negative and it's very worrying,' Julia Sanchez, executive director of the council, said in an interview. 'The big concern that we've had for a long time, and which continues now, is the implicit questioning of civil society's ... capacity to advocate and do political work. That is a huge concern for us.'"
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