“Foreign money” threatens Canadian sovereignty, Nunavut senator says

 German research vessel Polarstern

By Jim Bell, Nunatsiaq Online, 3 April 2012

“I believe foreign funding is a concern because it is coming from foreign foundations with agendas that are not necessarily in the best interests of our country and because these groups have become immensely powerful,” Patterson said. […]

Under the Conservative government’s 2012-13 budget, unveiled March 29, the Canada Revenue Agency will get an extra $8 million to do extra audits on environmental organizations like Oceans North Canada, which are funded by tax-deductible donations. The purpose of such audits is to ensure environmental organizations set up as charities don’t spend more than 10 per cent of their available resources on political advocacy. […]

Most observers believe this is a ploy aimed at weakening opposition to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline, which would move crude oil between Alberta and Kitimat, B.C., from which tankers would ship it to Asian markets.

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Photo: Hannes Grobe/Alfred Wegner Institute