G20 case reveals 'largest ever' police spy operation

G20 Summit

By CBC News, 22 November 2011

In all, the RCMP-led joint intelligence group — a conglomeration of federal, provincial and municipal police tasked with G8/G20 reconnaissance — employed more than 500 people at its peak, the records show. The group ran undercover operations, recruited confidential informants and liaised with domestic and foreign governments, law enforcement agencies and even corporations. (...)

"We're always concerned about public safety. That's our number 1 concern," said Ontario Provincial Police Spokesperson Sgt. Pierre Chamberland. (...)

Community organizer Kalin Stacey said "the practice of infiltration and undercover policing of political protest is legally about making a case for conviction, but politically about creating a culture of fear about dissent."

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Photo: Mark Blinch/Reuters