Governing in the dark: Ottawa’s dangerous unscientific revolution

Photo by Bruce Campion-Smith / Toronto Star

By C. Scott Findlay, the Toronto Star, 10 October 2012

Most Canadians understand that our well-being depends on science. But Canadian science is under assault. And scientists, like Peter Finch in the film Network, are mad as hell. In July, more than 2,000 of them staged a mock funeral for scientific evidence on Parliament Hill to protest the Harper government’s dismantling of Canadian institutions that collect scientific evidence, the muzzling of government scientists, and the erosion of the role of scientific evidence in public debate and regulatory decisions. (…)

There are at least four reasons why all Canadians should repudiate Prime Minister Harper’s systematic erosion of science capacity in some areas, and more generally, his repudiation of scientific evidence. (…)

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Photo by Bruce Campion-Smith/Toronto Star.