GRAPHIC: Ten years of attacks on dissent & debate in Canada

Over the past five years, Voices-Voix has documented over 110 organizations, individuals, laws, acts, public services & democratic institutions that, since 2006, have been vilified, defunded, smeared, gutted, spied on, slashed & criminalized by the Canadian government.

We've created a new, color-coded list, breaking down all the areas that the government has targetted. Canada is at a turning point: do we let these attacks become the new normal? Or do we speak out for change?

We hope this paints a clear picture of what's at stake, and that you share it to help spread the word.

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To read the case studies, visit our Hit List. And for the bigger picture, make sure to read our report Dismantling Democracy: Stifling debate & dissent in Canada.

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