Harper Chooses a Fox to Guard Hen House

Stephen Harper and Tony Clement

By Don Newman, iPolitics.ca, 13 June 2011

Harper didn’t tell us at the time, but  he had to be aware of the draft copies of the auditor general’s report that surfaced briefly during the election. The draft cast serious doubt about the validity of a lot of spending in Muskoka around the G-8 a year ago.
At the time, no one saw the details of that draft, or of the final report, because Parliament wasn’t in session because of the election. And through the ineptitude of the Liberals and the NDP,  then Infrastructure Minister John Baird was able to bluster his way through a couple of days of questioning, and the leaked draft report lost traction as an election issue. [...]
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Photo: Aaron Lynett/The National Post, Canada.com