Harper continues to resist calls for missing aboriginal women inquiry

By Steven Chase and Gloria Galloway, The Globe & Mail, 17 December 2014


Stephen Harper is rejecting further calls for a formal federal inquiry into more than 1,100 aboriginal women murdered or gone missing since 1980, saying he’s satisfied the matter has been sufficiently studied and prefers that police investigate the underlying crimes. (…)


He said an inquiry would merely be “another study … in place of action.”


The Prime Minister has been adamantly opposed to such a probe. His position did not change in May when the RCMP said the number of indigenous females who were murdered or missing was three to four times higher than their proportion of the population. Nor did he waver after 15-year-old Tina Fontaine’s body was discovered in August in Winnipeg’s Red River. (…)


Mr. Harper noted his government has taken action to extend the Canadian Human Rights Act to cover aboriginals on reserves and passed a law enshrining matrimonial property rights on reserves. (…)


Of all the women murdered in Canada every year, the proportion of aboriginal victims has been increasing since 1980.


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