Harper Government Heads In Wrong Direction In Anti-Corruption Battle

By David Hutton, FAIR, 7 November 2011

Protecting honest employees who speak out is one of the most important things that any country can do to combat misconduct and corruption in its institutions. In the wake of the sponsorship scandal, the Harper government came to power on a promise to do just this—but once elected did an immediate 180-degree about-turn.

Recent events suggest that despite its past rhetoric about transparency and accountability, this government is determined to silence whistleblowers rather than protect them.

In parallel with the recent spectacular meltdown of Canada’s whistleblower protection system under disgraced integrity commissioner Christiane Ouimet, a remarkably similar drama was unfolding in the U.S.A. [...]

[...] Following Christiane Ouimet’s departure, it seems to be pretty much business as usual at PSIC—albeit with much more finesse. Rather than undertaking the serious, meaningful reforms that are so badly needed, our government seems to be merely papering over the cracks. [...]


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Photo: Jake Wright, The Hill Times