Harper’s Canada: Threats to democracy

Senators Irving Gerstein and Doug Finley

By Alexis Stoymenoff, Vancouver Observer, 10 March 2012

A lot has happened during the past year in Canadian politics and current affairs. Canadians are increasingly speaking up about federal policies, and threats to democracy are raising concern among citizens and experts from coast to coast.

For the final part in our “Harper’s Canada” series, here’s a fact sheet addressing new developments that have increased public concern over Canadian democracy.

Campaign scandals and alleged election fraud fuel federal opposition

  • In the 2006 election, Harper's Conservatives were found to have exceeded campaign spending limits by over $1 million
  • The Elections Canada investigation went on for 4 years, and in the end after the Tories plead guilty, the charges were dropped and the party paid a $52,000 fine […]

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Photo: Sean Kilpatrick/ Canadian Press