Harper’s cynical assault on democracy

Stephen Harper

By Bob Hepburn, The Star, 11 April 2012

[…] Mulroney’s actions were swift and decisive, aimed in each case at convincing Canadians he was eager to cut out the rot in his government.

In sharp contrast, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stubbornly refused to take any action in a series of emerging scandals that are fast branding his government as incompetent, arrogant, hypocritical and uncaring.

He has steadfastly defended cabinet ministers, such as Tony Clement, Bev Oda, Peter MacKay, Christian Paradis and Lisa Raitt, over incidents involving G8 slush funds, doctored documents, private use of government helicopters, ethics breaches — and possibly lying to Parliament and the Canadian public. [...]

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Photo: Rick Madonik/Toronto Star