Harper's at it again with plans to eliminate per vote subsidy for parties

By W.T. Stanbury, The Hill Times, 24 January 2011

The per-vote subsidy is not an expenditure like almost any other. It is central to the idea of good government in a democracy.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's recent announcement that he plans to make the elimination of the per-vote subsidy for parties part of the Conservatives' next election campaign is just the latest example of using carefully selected issues as a diversion. [...] 

Since Finance Minister Jim Flaherty  announced in the “Economic Statement” on  November 27, 2008 that the per-vote subsidy (PVS) was to end on April 1, 2009, and withdrew the proposal two days later, there have been several bouts of discussion on the issue (see The Hill Times, March 29, 2010). However, there has been almost no examination of the other subsidies for parties and candidates, most of which were introduced in an earlier form in1974 (see Stanbury, Money in Politics, Dundurn Press, 1991)[...]

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