Help stop election fraud in Canada

Elections Canada

By Duff Conacher, DemocracyWatch, March 2012

With the misleading phone calls during elections scandal in the news, some are calling for a public inquiry, and others are calling for the police.

But the real problem is that it is not clear that the Commissioner of Canada Elections and the Director of Public Prosecutions investigate and enforce the law properly and effectively (and they enforce the elections law, not the police).

The Commissioner and Director have kept secret their rulings on almost 2,300 election complaints since 2004, and so no one can tell whether they enforce the law fairly and well, nor whether they should be handling the current fraud investigations.

Also, election fraud could have been prevented if the federal election law had been changed after the 2008 election, when misleading phone calls first happened.

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Photo: PC/ Jacques Boissinot