Hepburn: Can we save democracy from Harper’s abuses?

Photo by Chris Wattie / Reuters

By Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star, 19 September 2012

As Stephen Harper continues his relentless assault on our democratic institutions and traditions, growing numbers of Canadians are wondering if the prime minister can be stopped — and if so, how?

Given the Conservative majority in Parliament, it may seem impossible to prevent Harper from running roughshod over our democracy.

Encouragingly, though, people across Canada are starting to fight back. They are doing it in small ways, in classrooms and weekend workshops, on websites and at coffee parties, by writing letters and even joining a knitting campaign.

To date, their efforts have gone largely unnoticed by politicians. But organizers for these initiatives believe they are participating in the birth of a grassroots movement.

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Photo by Chris Wattie / Reuters.