Hey Ontario, it's time to stand up to environmental bullies

Hugh Wilkins

By Hugh Wilkins, Ecojustice, 11 April 2012

It is getting harder and harder to stand up for the environment. Environmental decision making has always been tilted in favour of development.

But now Ontario is also getting plagued with lawsuits aimed at shutting people up as well. These lawsuits aim to keep people from getting involved in community meetings. They're preventing people from standing up for the environment.

Ontarians have a right to have their say regarding harmful development. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (‘SLAPPs’) aim to silence Ontarians.

Read what the Globe and Mail has published about SLAPPs.

These suits are generally meritless defamation actions. They are brought against citizens who – due to the stress and cost of defending themselves – are coerced into sitting down and not speaking up.

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Photo: Ecojustice