Holy parliamentary democracy, Batman! What about ministerial responsibility?

Michael Harris

By Michael Harris, iPolitics, 4 April 2012

In March 2011, the House of Commons found the government in contempt of Parliament for failing to disclose the costs of building new prisons and procuring the F-35 stealth bomber. […]

My humble opinion? Of course the government knew about what was happening, and what’s more, strongly approved of it. Why? Because the F-35 was the handy way for the Harper government to expand a role for Canada’s military that the country has never debated let alone endorsed. If instead of auditing the procurement process, Michael Ferguson had audited the plane itself, that would have become painfully obvious. 

The F-35 is not a peace-keeper’s surveillance aircraft designed to protect Canadian airspace, including the Far North. It is a close support fighter designed to take part in U.S./NATO foreign wars like the recent Libya mission. The kind of missions the Harper government thinks are worth an $800,000 fly-over celebration of something yet to be established. […]

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Photo: iPolitics