How should we slap back at SLAPPs?


By West Coast Environmental Law, 11 April 2012

We were alarmed to hear that Taseko Mines Ltd., the company that wants to develop the controversial Prosperity Mine, is suing the Wilderness Committee and one of its employees. This is a disturbing reminder that the law is sometimes stacked against individuals and groups concerned about the protection of the environment, and that big business can wield a big legal stick. 

West Coast Environmental Law has long been concerned about lawsuits by large corporations to silence their critics. Our Anti-SLAPP Handbook explains why:

SLAPPs [or Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation] are often threatened or filed with the intent of silencing participation and stifling public debate. SLAPPs function by harassing and intimidating individuals, in essence creating a “chill” in public participation.

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Photo: West Coast Environmental Law