ILO cites over 20 ongoing labour rights violations by Canadian governments

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By NUPGE, 4 April 2012

The ILO “has been expressing concern for many years on the exclusion of wide categories of workers from statutory protection of freedom of association and on the restrictions on the right to strike in several provinces.” [...]

Among the violations noted, the ILO cites [...] workers who continue to be denied the fundamental right to join a union. [...]

The ILO report cites a number of categories of workers in Canada who are restricted from exercising on their right to strike [...]

The review did not consider the three most recent retrictive labour laws passed in Canada, namely two passed by the Harper government – one in June 2011 denying postal workers from taking strike action (Bill C-2), another passed last month preventing two of Air Canada’s unions from going on strike (Bill C-33) and a BC law passed last month preventing any further strike action by B.C. teachers (Bill 22).

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