Invitation to join new Editorial Board


Please distribute widely:

The Voices-Voix Coalition is announcing the launch of the Research Network on Dissent, Democracy & the Law, to be hosted by the Critical Research Laboratory at Osgoode Hall Law School.  In collaboration with Voices-Voix, the Network is convening an Editorial Board that will assume oversight of the research and publication of cases studies undertaken as part of the Voices-Voix Documentation Project.

With more than 80 case studies to date, published on-line, organized thematically and easily accessed with a new searchable feature, this Project is an invaluable and totally unique repository of attacks that have taken place in recent years on the democratic rights to advocacy and dissent in Canada.  The Editorial Board will bolster Voices-Voix’s capacity to continue to build this much-needed database on the basis of rigorous and high quality research. 

The Voices-Voix coalition invites interested scholars, activists and journalists to indicate their interest in joining the Editorial Board before June 1st.  A detailed description of Board members’ editorial responsibilities and publishing opportunities is available here.