Jason Kenney’s Dismissive Attitude Toward the Rule of Law

Jason Kenney

By the Refugee Lawyers' Association of Ontario, 18 February 2011 

[...] Minister Kenney’s criticisms of the Federal Court for its judgments in immigration and refugee cases are inappropriate and indefensible. “The independence of the judiciary is an essential element of democracy,” said RLAO President Geraldine MacDonald. […]

Mr. Kenney’s claim that his remarks were made in a “spirit of constructive dialogue between the legislative branch and the judiciary”, cannot be accepted. [...]

The conclusion to be drawn is that the Minister is trying to influence the Court to decide cases in the Minister’s favour, which is untenable. [...] as a Minister of the Crown, he should refrain from unseemly attacks on the Canadian judiciary. [...]


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Photo: Western Law News, the University of Western Ontario.