Liberals love democracy, except when it’s ‘unprincipled’

By Matt Gurney, The National Post, 24 April 2011
For a party that’s running in large part on the fact the the Tories hate democracy and don’t respect Parliament, the Liberals sure have a weird way of staying on message. Rattled by the surge of the NDP in the polls, which has made it possible (if unlikely) that the NDP will form the official opposition atop a decimated Liberal caucus, the Liberals have shifted their attack ads to focus on  Jack Layton’s NDP. [...]
This will of course take some of the pressure off of the Tories, leaving them to stay focused in a final week of  campaigning while the parties on the left savage each other. But if the Liberals want to hold onto their remaining influence and  legacy, they need to strike back — hard — at the party that’s threatening to become the left-wing alternative for Canadian voters. [...]
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