More voices you won’t hear in the election campaign


By Gerald Caplan, The Globe and Mail, 22 April 2011 

Also off any Harper table is the nightmarish case of Abousfian Abdelrazik – only one man, sure, but one whose treatment tells us a great deal about the kind of Canada we’ve become, none of it flattering. A Canadian Muslim born in Sudan, Mr. Abdelrazik’s life has been shattered by the government of Canada, first under the Liberals, now the Conservatives. [...]

He’s guilty of nothing yet is treated as a terrorist. His cause has been taken up by a devoted Montreal-based group under the rubric Project Fly Home, which deserves all the support in the world. Sometimes the victims of our governments have no names, at least none we ever hear. Extraordinarily enough, Mr. Harper and Jean Charest are determined to revive one of Canada's last remaining asbestos mines for export to poor countries. [...]

Even though every health expert in Canada and around the world agrees that asbestos kills, Mr. Harper offered his support for the industry during a campaign stop in the Quebec riding where the mine is located. [...]

Great subject for a tourist ad: “Harper's Canada—We only kill workers in other countries.” [...]


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Photo: Canadian Press