Most government budget cuts hit front-line services not back room waste, budget watchdog says

Photo by Chris Wattie/Reuters Files

By Kathryn May, Postmedia News, 7 November 2012

The bulk of the Conservative government’s $5.2 billion in spending cuts appear to be coming from front-line programs and services for Canadians rather than the “back-office” savings the government insisted no one even would notice, says Canada’s parliamentary budget watchdog.

After months of fighting for data, Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page released a report Tuesday offering the first glimpse into the $5.2 billion spending cuts that departments are digesting over the next five years.

The report is based on a fraction of the information Page sought from about 80 departments, but the projected savings they provided paints a very different picture of the nature of the cuts from what many expected when the budget was unveiled in March. (…)

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Photo by Chris Wattie/Reuters Files.