Omnibus budget: Bill C-45 is an affront to democracy

Photo by Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press

By the Toronto Star, 19 October 2012

In the two days leading up to the overnight, circus-like protest vote on last spring’s federal omnibus budget bill, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty received more than 3,200 pages of related correspondence from Canadians. There was not one supportive statement in the stack, the Star learned this week from an access to information request. (…)

Evidently, however, the protest fell on deaf ears. This week the government tabled Bill C-45, its second omnibus budget implementation bill. This one tipped the scales at 443 pages, roughly the length of Crime and Punishment. (…)

Those who wrote to Flaherty last spring recognize that these massive bills constitute an attack on our democracy. “This omnibus bill is made simply to confuse the average Canadian… This is not democracy,” bemoaned one letter-writer. (…)

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Photo by Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press.