Ottawa in ‘Explosive’ Situation over Rejected Iroquois Passport

Iroquois Passport

Katheryn Blaze Carleton, The National Post, 11 July 2011

A Mohawk woman says Ottawa is trying to strip the Iroquois nation of its identity after border officials confiscated her Iroquois passport, a move she contends challenges the sovereignty of her people but which the Canadian government defends because it does not list the document as acceptable identification.
“They called it a ‘fantasy document,’ but that’s my identity,” she said from her office on the Akwesasne reserve, the Canadian part of a Mohawk community that straddles the Ontario, Quebec and New York state borders. “If it’s a fantasy document, does that make me a fantasy person living in a fantasy country?”
The contentious situation is a “potentially explosive” one for the Canadian government, as official recognition of the Iroquois passport would effectively mean recognizing the sovereignty of the Iroquois, said Gavin Taylor, a professor of native history at Concordia University in Montreal. [...]
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