Ottawa’s new anti-terrorism strategy lists eco-extremists as threats

protestors outside the Vancouver Art Gallery

By Shawn McCarthy, The Globe and Mail, 10 February 2012

After vowing to take on radical environmentalists determined to stop the Northern Gateway pipeline, the Harper government has released a new anti-terrorism strategy that targets eco-extremists as threats. […]

New Democratic Party MP Megan Leslie said the new strategy should be seen in the context of the government’s effort to demonize the environmental movement and aboriginal groups that are opposed to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. […]

“I find it offensive that there is a list that puts people trying to protect the environment on the same list as white supremacists,” Ms. Leslie said. She said Ottawa has created a chill among groups that worry they are being infiltrated and subjected to surveillance, as police did with protest groups prior to the G20 meeting in Toronto in 2010.


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Photo: Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press