Pattern of delay: Ottawa's Kafkaesque information denial

By Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail, 3 February 2010

The Access to Information Act requires Ottawa to respond to requests in 30 days - unless that query is about how the federal government follows its own rules, in which case the response can take two-and-a-half years.

Thirty-two months ago, as a slowdown became apparent in the processing of access to information documents, The Globe and Mail filed requests with about a dozen federal agencies seeking an explanation.

Responses trickled in. The most recent arrived last week: a 27-page package of heavily redacted documents from the Treasury Board of Canada, the department responsible for this piece of legislation. E-mails between Treasury and the Privy Council seem to confirm what information officers in several departments had confided to The Globe - bottlenecks exist, the result of orders that the Privy Council review information requests. [...]

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