"Secret Trial 5" director disappointed as unconstitutional process continues

The secret trial 5

By Amar Wala, producer and director of the Secret Trial 5, 13 January 2012

When you make a documentary, especially one on an issue like this, you are constantly surrounded by darkness. Our research constantly reveals injustice, both here and abroad. We spend many hours sitting in on unfair, downright comedic court proceedings that in turn determine a man’s fate. We see firsthand the pain and devastation that comes from living under the strictest house arrest conditions in Canadian history.

But what’s most frustrating, what’s most difficult to deal with, is people’s blind acceptance of these problems and our seeming inability to affect any change. I decided to make this film because I hoped or believed it could make a difference.

I’m not naïve, but you don’t devote yourself to something for so many years unless you think it can make a difference. It is for this reason that I can’t feel good about ST5 just yet. $25,000 is a lot of money to raise and I thank all our supporters from the bottom of my heart but let’s be honest, it’s only about ¼ of what we need to finish the film. It’s a great start, but we can’t get complacent or comfortable.

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Photo: The Secret Trial 5