Security certificate injustice for Mohamed Harkat: Nine years on

Mohamed and Sophie Harkat

By Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee, 9 December 2011

This weekend -- International Human Rights Day -- marks the ninth anniversary of the detention of Mohamed Harkat under a security certificate -- a draconian detention under the so-called Immigrant and Refugee Protection Act for which no charge is laid, and the information on which the allegation is based is kept secret from the detainee and their lawyers.

The five Muslim men who have been detained since 2001 have been jailed in isolation or, at best, released under strict house arrest conditions -- the strictest in Canadian history.

On Dec. 10, 2002, Mohamed Harkat was arrested and detained on a security certificate. His long battle against injustice began that day, and today it continues. He was detained, first in the Ottawa jail in solitary confinement, then in general population, and for a period of six months in an immigration detention centre -- dubbed Guantanamo North -- at the Kingston penitentiary.

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