Silencing the Outriders, Silencing Democracy

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By Keith Reynolds, Policy Note, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), 13 August 2012

Since taking power federally in 2006, the Conservative government has undertaken a continuous attack on civil society organizations. One of the government’s first actions was to cut support for women’s organizations that lobbied or did research on the status of women. Environmental organizations have been accused of acting in the interest of foreign powers. Revenue Canada was given extra money to investigate them.

How did we come to the point where organizations advocating equality and changes to public policy appear to be seen by the government as the enemy of Canadians? (...)

(...) But there is an even worse outcome than defunding, closing organizations and attacking others through Revenue Canada. That worst outcome is the chill that comes from the fear government will act against you. (...)

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Photo from the CCPA.