Speak up for Dissent in Canada

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For a dismal decade, Canadians experienced systemic attacks on our rights and fundamental freedoms. Now, we need your help to make sure the new Canadian government commits to strengthening democracy and protecting dissent in Canada.

We're launching a new Voices-Voix Declaration to make sure the Canadian government knows we are watching them. The Declaration lays out immediate actions that they can take to turn the page on the last decade. 

By signing on to this Thunderclap action (click here), you'll help make sure that when we launch on May 14th, our call reaches tens of thousands of people, and sends a message the government can't ignore. So please sign upand share this in your networks.

You can read and sign the new declaration here (this is a pre-launch form; we'll move it, and your signature, over to www.voices-voix.ca once the declaration is officially launched on May 14th).  


Over the past decade, environmental, women's, anti-poverty, Indigenous groups and more were defunded and spied upon. Scientists were muzzled. Public broadcasting was devastated by cuts. The Supreme Court of Canada repeatedly struck down laws, programs, and policies as unconstitutional. And those who spoke out against these government decisions were criticized and criminalized. 

The Canadian government changed in October 2015. But while there have been some positive steps, there is still a lot to be done to fix what happened, and more importantly: prevent it from happening ever again.

We're launching this declaration on May 14th to coincide with the Global Day of Citizen Action, when dozens of groups will come together to protect our freedom to speak out, organise and take action. We think it's important that we join our allies from across the world in saying that these fundamental freedoms must be protected.

We hope you join us.