Update: Show your support to Voices-Voix's letter to PM Harper

Stephen Harper, let’s see your ‘enemy list’

Public Facebook fan page to show your support: https://www.facebook.com/voices.voix.to.PM.Harper/info

Join us if you would like the Office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to make public any list of so-called "enemies".

Join us if you believe in a Canada where dissent and diversity of opinions are essential and respected aspects of the democratic fabric.

Join us if you're tired of the divisive "with us or against us" mentality currently eroding democratic politics in this country.

Join us if you’d like to see the Prime Minister affirm the importance of all voices in Canada.


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Read Voices-Voix’s letter to PM Harper, July 24, 2013: http://voices-voix.ca/en/document/canadian-government-enemy-list-voices-voix-letter-pm-harper