Voices: The campaign against advocacy and dissent deepens

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Voices:  The campaign against advocacy and dissent deepens

Remarks by Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada (English branch) at the Voices-Voix Strategizing Meeting, Ottawa, May 11, 2012

Just over two years ago many of us who are here today gathered in this same room. We had come together because of emerging concerns, a sense of deep and spreading disquiet, with some pretty strong descriptors attached: Dissent under attack, opposition being silenced, civil society under siege, democracy in peril.

Assembled and on the phone were a diverse group of activists, lawyers, researchers, educators from a range of sectors.  And we had come together because we realized that there was a common story starting to play out on all of  our varied fronts.  And that we had to start to share those experiences and begin to build and deepen a common understanding of a very troubling new reality. (...)

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