Voices-Voix contributes to 2013 State of Civil Society Report

2013 State of Civil Society Report

State of Civil Society 2013: Creating an Enabling Environment, CIVICUS

With a case study "Silencing Voices and Dissent in Canada" p.128 by Pearl Eliadis (Voices-Voix), Nikki Skuce (Forest Ethics Advocacy), and Fraser Reilly-King (CCIC):

"In the past six years, civil society in Canada has witnessed a broad and deep decline in the space afforded to organisations working on the progressive side of the policy agenda. Since 2010, Voices-Voix, a Canadian civil society organisation (CSO) coalition has been documenting this phenomenon, and has published one hundred case studies, about half of which are about civil society organisations, activists and human rights defenders.2

The targets have been individuals and organisations working in development, environment, faith- based, human rights, labour, immigrant and refugee organisations, as well as in scientific research and policy communities. Nor have independent government agencies been immune from this crackdown. In this context, Canadian civil society finds itself in a situation in which difference and dissent are being systematically silenced. This contribution presents some of those stories. It begins with a general overview of the situation facing civil society in Canada, and follows with two case studies that go into more depth on the challenges and impact of these changes on environmental and international development CSOs in Canada."

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Photo from CIVICUS.