Voices-Voix Volunteers for Common Causes launch January 28

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By the Voices-Voix Coalition

The movement to restore Canadian democracy and stand up to the Harper government's myriad abuses of power is approaching an important watershed moment and we need you to get involved.

On Monday, January 28 – the day Parliament resumes – a series of events across Canada will take place under the banner of the new, pan-Canadian Common Causes movement. Initiated last fall by the Council of Canadians with input from Voices-Voix, Common Causes unites progressive groups and movements dedicated to protecting human and environmental rights and democratic freedoms. 

Common Causes is working to organize press conferences and related events on January 28 in Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Charlottetown, and Halifax as well as smaller communities across Canada and needs lead organizers, workers, speakers and even just your support in the form of attendance at the eventsWe also need your participation in Common Causes social media campaigns, which you can do by "liking" the Common Causes Facebook page and following Common Causes on Twitter.

Press kits and proposed Common Causes messaging and other support materials will be available from the movement's Secretariat as the launch day approaches. We urge you to provide any information that you can on available personnel, speakers, etc, or to plan your own events in solidarity with the launch of Common Causes. Please contact Anil Naidoo at forcommoncauses@gmail.com (and cc Voices-Voix Communications at communications@voices-voix.ca). You can also go to www.commoncauses.ca, which will grow with the movement.

The January 28 day of action will maintain the momentum of a weekend of civil society activism in Ottawa that includes the launch of the Assembly of the Quebec-Canada-First Nations Social Forum and a gathering of the Port Elgin Movement. Common Causes also welcomes Idle No More's expression of solidarity and its participation in events on January 28.

For its part, Voices-Voix will be putting out a press release, and several Voices-Voix Strategy Group members will be participating in events launching Common Causes, including Robert Fox, OXFAM Canada CEO, and Michel Lambert, Alternatives. Likewise, any Voices-Voix members or supporters speaking at Common Causes launch events anywhere in the country are encouraged to discuss the importance of supporting civil society and the work of Voices-Voix.

We look forward to connecting with you at the January 28th launch of Common Causes, which we believe to be a vital step forward in our efforts to protect Canadian democracy and the right to advocacy and dissent in Canada.