Whistleblower charity kicked off whistleblower watchdog committee for representing the views of whistleblowers

Photo from Rabble.ca.

By Democracy Watch and Canadians for Accountability, 18 October 2012

On Monday the whistleblower charity FAIR (Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform) was ordered off the Advisory Committee of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner’s office (PSIC) – the agency charged with protecting government whistleblowers.

Integrity Commissioner Mario Dion stated that this action was because FAIR was “Constantly undermining the work of this Office in the media… and in so doing discouraging potential whistleblowers from coming forward is inconsistent with the role of a PSIC Advisory Committee member.”

Mr. Dion’s action was in response to a letter to the editor by FAIR’s executive director David Hutton that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen on Saturday. (…) 

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Photo from Rabble.ca.