Whistleblowers deserve better than Bill C-25

By Aaron Freeman, Democracy Watch, 1 April 2004

A mild-mannered public servant is repeatedly asked by senior bureaucrats to approve mis-appropriations of taxpayer dollars and cover up government wrong-doing.  While bureaucrats are hardly known to be mavericks, the public servant refuses, documents the malfeasance, and complains to senior departmental officials.  In response, the department circles the wagons, threatening the employee with suggestions of insubordination, marginalizing the employee's career prospects, and even calling into question the employee's mental fitness.
Is this Allan Cutler, the whistleblower who testified earlier this month about the sponsorship scandal?  Could be.  But it could also be Joanna Gualtieri, who exposed $2 billion in mis-spending at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade's bureau of physical resources.  When Gualtieri raised concerns throughout the 1990s that the department was violating its own guidelines for procuring property for diplomats abroad, she was ridiculed, harassed and repeatedly prevented from doing her job.  The government even tried to re-assign her to more benign tasks, but she successfully fought to get her job bac. [...]
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