Why did CIDA cut Development and Peace's funding?


By Kristen Shane, Embassy Magazine, 21 March 2012

Observers are questioning whether a Montreal-based development group's advocacy work and a campaign against it from within its own donor community played into the government's decision to fund less than one-third of its $49.2-million, five-year request. [...]

Like KAIROS, Development and Peace also advocates on sensitive political issues such as climate change. For two years, it focused a public education campaign on mining and asked the Canadian government to refuse support to Canadian companies working abroad that don't respect human rights and environmental standards. [...]

Development and Peace's executive director, Michael Casey, said he had hoped to get a new agreement signed before the group ran out of its then-ongoing CIDA funding in September 2011.

CIDA responded last month that it would spend $14.5 million—29 per cent of what Development and Peace asked for—for seven countries. [...]

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Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP