A Witch Hunt for Environmentalists

Joe Oliver / REUTERS

By Christopher Gully, The Mark, 18 April 2012

As the government clamps down on environmental groups and charities over baseless allegations of impropriety, it also moves to gut Canada's environmental-assessment process. [...]

On complex and multifaceted issues like the environment or the economy, we are increasingly dividing ourselves along partisan lines, pushing our own agendas, and entirely dismissing any counterarguments, debate, discussion, or dialogue. [...]

When the government initially proposed a comprehensive dialogue and consultation process on the pipeline, there was an expectation that it would involve a willingness to consult more than one side. [...]

Again and again, we are told that advocacy against the oil sands is threatening the stability of the Canadian economy, but that’s only true if you subscribe to an absolutist definition of what our economy is based on. [...]

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