Case study #102: Universal Child Care Program

Are you wondering about the recently resurrected debate on implementing a national subsidized childcare program? Make sure to read our latest case study on the issue, published today. In it, we examine the failings of the Conservative government's Universal Child Care Benefit in improving the accessibility and quality of childcare in Canada, and how a Canada-wide, subsidized childcare program could help improve gender equality and reduce poverty.

Read the full report by clicking the link below.

Ex-Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page on muzzled scientists, secrecy and "broken" government

By Jenny Uechi, Vancouver Observer, 13 Jan. 2015

"There's no accountability. It's completely, completely broken," said former Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page, who was hailed as a "national hero" for insisting that federal government be accountable for its spending. 


Missing, Murdered Native Women: International Rights Group Urges National Inquiry

By The Canadian Press, 12 January 2015

OTTAWA — An international body has joined Canadian domestic calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls.

A report from The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an arm of the Organization of American States, says an inquiry or national action plan is needed to get at the root of the problem. (...)

Case study #101: Oxfam

Today, Voices-Voix we published case study #101, on Oxfam Canada, "elimination of poverty," and the odious bureaucracy imposed on both non-profits and charities. An excerpt:

Eight steps to a better Canada

By Dan Leger, The Halifax Chronicle Herald, 5 January, 2015

Here’s an idea for 2015: make Canada a better country. Sure, that’s a broad target, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

So herewith an eight-step program, mostly for our leaders, to fix a few of the problems we can’t seem to shake. (...)

Harper continues to resist calls for missing aboriginal women inquiry

By Steven Chase and Gloria Galloway, The Globe & Mail, 17 December 2014

Stephen Harper is rejecting further calls for a formal federal inquiry into more than 1,100 aboriginal women murdered or gone missing since 1980, saying he’s satisfied the matter has been sufficiently studied and prefers that police investigate the underlying crimes.

Voices-Voix releases case study #100: Canadian Charities and the Canada Revenue Agency

Montreal, Dec. 11, 2014 – Today, Voices-Voix has published its 100th case study. The new report is warning that the Conservative government's ongoing selective scrutiny of charities poses a threat to free speech, democracy and government transparency in Canada.