Day for Democracy supported by child-care advocates

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A national child care program is fundamental to a democratic Canada, says Code Blue for Child Care, a cross-Canada campaign to make child care a central issue in this federal election. The Code Blue coalition will join with other groups to support the Day for Democracy activities on Wednesday, April 6. “Good child care promotes and exemplifies democracy in action,” said Shellie Bird, Ottawa coordinator of Code Blue. [...]

Liberal Party Response to Voices-Voix Letter

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Dear Voices-Voix Coalition,
On behalf of our Leader, Michael Ignatieff, and the entire Liberal team, thank you for writing to identify the major concerns of your membership. We appreciate your interest in the Liberal Party’s policies as they relate to the issues which affect you. Enclosed, please find the Liberal Party response to your questionnaire. [...]

Pillars of democracy wobble

Michael Ignatieff

Ignatieff is right to claim that key elements of parliamentary democracy have been significantly eroded during the Harper regime and that, as a result, Canadian democracy has been placed at risk. [...]

Stephen Harper, through his trusted lieutenant Jim Flaherty, fell back on economic management, something in which we are heavily invested (as well as in the repeated public declarations of its success). […]

Stephen Harper's firing range

Steven Harper

The list of organizations that have been shut down and cut back, and the individuals bullied, is a long one and we can expect it to grow. [...]
The Conservative government, or the Harper government as it insists upon being called, has either fallen or engineered its own defeat and the election is upon us. This is perhaps a good time to take stock of who the Harperites have spent their time attacking in the past several years. They have also lavished favour on their own, appointing them to be judges, to the Immigration Review Board, the CRTC or other federal agencies. [...]

New Democrat Response to Voices-Voix Letter

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On April 1st, the New Democratic Party responded to the 8 pledges for democracy and human rights proposed by Voices-Voix. Read the New Democratic Party's pledges.

New Democrats have consistently spoken out against the erosion of human rights and democratic principles in Canada whether it be the defunding of equality seeking and human rights organizations, contempt of parliament, or curtailing the powers of the Prime Minster. [...]

Constitutional rule bending: when angry citizens push back and fight for democracy

In British-style parliamentary regimes, prorogation is a mechanism that allows the government to suspend the work of deputies. This measure is deemed acceptable if the legislative program of the government is mostly finished, which is obviously a very rare occurrence. It is a special measure, to be used with circumspection and in keeping with the reasons for which it was originally instituted. It seems obvious that the Harper government acted contrary to these provisions. In 2009, for example, the Harper government used prorogation while 37 laws out of the 64 that were slated for study had yet to be examined. In addition to this dubious motivation, the Harper government called for a very long prorogation as Parliament would not resume for at least six weeks. Some journalists, and maybe a large part of the government, seemed to think that Canadians did not care about prorogation and that the issue was too complicated.

Voices-Voix Coalition Day for Democracy, April 6

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By Ontario Humanist Society, 1 April 2011