Renowned Scientist, Vandana Shiva Held at Canadian Border

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva was scheduled to speak tonight in Calgary, Alberta... But, like other activists and writers trying to enter Canada lately, things didn't go smoothly for her. Vandana Shiva now joins a lengthening list of dissident writers, reporters, and activists harried by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). In 2009, then British MP George Galloway was not allowed entry into Canada due to his alleged support for Palestinian groups listed by the CBSA as terrorist organizations. Galloway took the case to court, where Stephen Harper's government was rebuked. [...]

Conservatives ruled in contempt of Parliament

Steven Harper

[...] The Conservative government has been dealt two blows in the House of Commons, bolstering charges that it has lied to the country and kept information that is politically sensitive under wraps. “It’s clear that the government has broken the rules and is in contempt of Parliament,” said Liberal finance critic Scott Brison, who wrote one of the two motions to censure the Tories. Brison’s complaint originated last November when the government refused a request to provide breakdowns of the costs of its planned corporate tax cuts, of its various plans to bring in tougher crime legislation, and estimates of the costs to buy a fleet of fighter jets. [...]

A government for all Conservatives

Steven Harper

Don't get me wrong. No one is naive here. No one expects politicians to be non-partisan. But running the Government of Canada is a great honour and responsibility. All those ceremonies and oaths and seals of office revolve around the idea that we're entrusting our government to act in the interests of all Canadians, not just friends of the party in power. We expect the people in government offices to know when and how to separate partisan versus public interest. [...]

On the road to the Harper government's tipping point

Steven Harper

[...] Just recently, four senior Conservatives were charged with willfully exceeding spending limits in the 2006 campaign that brought the Tories to power. The “in and out” financing scheme came at the same time that Stephen Harper was promising a new era of transparency and accountability. Just recently, we had the document-altering scandal featuring International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda, who appears in the House of Commons for Question Period but refuses to answer questions on the matter. [...]

Opposition demands Kenney be fired

Jason Kenney

The opposition pushed for Jason Kenney to resign on Friday after the immigration minister apologized for the fact his office broke parliamentary rules. Kenney acknowledged a former staff member should not have mailed a letter on ministerial letterhead asking for money for a “Conservative Ethnic Paid Media Strategy.” [...]

Disgraced integrity czar’s $500,000 severance deal includes gag order

The former public sector integrity commissioner who resigned last fall in the face of a damning audit walked away with a half million dollars – and a promise to keep her mouth shut.According to the departure agreement signed between Christiane Ouimet and the federal government, Ms. Ouimet received as separation allowance of $407,000. That includes 18 months of regular salary plus foregone benefits worth $53,100.

Funding cuts to hurt classes for young immigrants

"....many [refugee service agencies] say they are afraid to give interviews about the cuts for fear they will be penalized for speaking out." ... "member agencies are even reluctant to share information with each other, for fear they’ll be seen as critical of the government."