Clear Rémy Beauregard's name

"Since Rémy Beauregard’s premature death last year, talk has swirled around his legacy at Rights and Democracy. Rémy built a reputation over decades as a staunch defender of human rights. Prior to his role as president of R&D, he worked diligently for two years to help War Child Canada establish a comprehensive legal program in northern Uganda, which has trained hundreds of local paralegals and others on the rights of children, dealing with horrific cases of violence and abuse that would otherwise go unpunished and unreported. His work has been a powerful tool in ending the climate of impunity plaguing post-conflict states. We could not have done it without him. His name deserves to be unequivocally cleared so that he can be remembered, above all, for his extraordinary humanitarian accomplishments." [...]

Opinion for Rémy Beauregard

"Public servants whose decisions or advice run afoul of the Harper government must bend or be crushed. Those who attempt to defend their principles have been fired, been forced, or have chosen, to resign. Like Rémy Beauregard, their professional competence has been undermined and their personal integrity impugned. In the face of a pitched, ideology-driven, campaign to oust him, Mr. Beauregard chose to remain at Rights and Democracy and to defend his record – he paid for this with his life."

Tories re-brand government in Stephen Harper’s name

[...] And lest anyone forgets, a directive went out to public servants late last year that “Government of Canada” in federal communications should be replaced by the words “Harper Government.” Public servants from four different line departments told The Canadian Press the instruction came from “the Centre” — meaning the Prime Minister's Office and the Privy Council Office that serves the prime minister. [...]

Harper accused of shaping language for political ends

They are just words. But they mean a lot in the sensitive world of international diplomacy. The Foreign Affairs department is engaged in a debate over changes to the language used in official documents that appear to have been mandated by the Conservative government. Opposition MPs say the government is rejecting phrases that have become part of the lexicon of feminists and other activist organizations. [...]

Widow of embattled rights agency chief fights for justice

Suzanne Trépanier, wife of Rémy Beauregard

[...] Ms. Trépanier and MPs from all three opposition parties say that members of R&D’s board were wrong in accusing Mr. Beauregard of financial mismanagement and were in error in linking him to anti-Israeli activities in connection with three small grants to agencies in the Middle East. The allegations were at the heart of confrontations between the board and Mr. Beauregard, leading to unusually high levels of tension and stress that Ms.[...]

Jason Kenney’s Dismissive Attitude Toward the Rule of Law

Jason Kenney

In February 2011, Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, held a controversial speech at the University of Western Ontario, criticizing the judicial system in its treatment of immigration and refugee cases. While the Minister defended his right to free speech, the Refugee Lawyers' Association of Ontario (RLAO) views his claims as a disregard for the democratic principle of separation of powers. According the RLAO, his speech is an attempt by a public official "to influence the Court to decide cases in the Minister's favour". [...]

Smear campaign by leftist media has begun

The Liberals than the left-wing (and taxpayer-funded) Radio-Canada in Québec attempted to smear Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the worst possible way.