Gomery Report details 4 chances to stop Abuse

Concerns about the sponsorship program surfaced within the federal government at least four times before Auditor-General Sheila Fraser was asked to investigate allegations of mismanagement, Justice John Gomery's first report said Tuesday. Little was done to address those concerns, however. In some cases, brief investigations led to even less control being exercised over taxpayers' money. The first opportunity for correction came in 1995, when Public Works and Government Services Canada employee Allan Cutler became concerned over the actions of Chuck Guité.

Whistleblowers deserve better than Bill C-25

A mild-mannered public servant is repeatedly asked by senior bureaucrats to approve mis-appropriations of taxpayer dollars and cover up government wrong-doing. The public servant refuses, documents the malfeasance, and complains to senior departmental officials.

Some A, B, Cs of federal government waste

Governments are famously wasteful. Huge cost over-runs are routine. One of the most spectacular is the federal gun registry program which was to have a net cost over the first four years of some $2-million. Over the first six years, the officially-stated net cost will be over $1-billion. And now we find that the $250-million sponsorship program officially aimed at fighting separatists in Quebec involved waste of some $100-million according to the Auditor General's Feb. 10 report.