#StopC51 Week of Education kicks off

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Canadians use social media and local gatherings to educate neighbours and MPs, as #StopC51 Week of Education kicks off

With many MPs home in their ridings in advance of crucial vote, over 50 online and offline activities will take place right across Canada for #StopC51 Week of Education

Volunteer with Voices-Voix

Volunteer with Voices-Voix

Attacks on rights and freedoms got you down? Worried the federal government is chasing non-profits and charities out of existence? Think it's important that dissent, free speech and democracy are protected in Canada?

Then the Voices-Voix Coalition is the place for you! We're currently looking for volunteers and interns who will be able to help us continue to shine a light on cases of stifling of dissent and democracy in Canada.

Case study #109: Refugee access to welfare benefits

Refugee claimants in Canada are already living in some of the most precarious conditions in the country. With regulatory changes in the last omnibus budget bill, though, the federal government has opened wide the door for provinces to restrict their access to welfare benefits. For all the details, make sure to read our latest case study.

Case study #107: Bill C-51: Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015

Case study #107: Bill C-51: Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015

As Canadian parliament, and Canadian society, debated Bill C-51, Voices-Voix is adding to the debate by publishing our in-depth case study looking at the proposed legislation. The amendments proposed represent the most sweeping changes to the powers of CSIS since its inception in 1984.

Open letter: Enhancing the role of charities in public policy debates in Canada, request for a platform commitment

The following is an open letter that was sent to all five federal political parties by 18 charities and civil society groups concerned about the ongoing targeted audits of charities in Canada and the resulting "advocacy chill" is has caused. While Voices-Voix is not a signatory, we are re-publishing the letter in full as it reflects much of the research we have carried on the topic over the past months. 




February 10, 2015 

Case study #105: Sylvie Therrien

The latest case study from Voices-Voix is now online. It's a look a the case of Sylvie Therrien, a federal government employee who served as an EI investigator. She publicly denounced the fact that employees had to meet quotas for the number of EI beneficiaries they cut, as well as discriminatory practices, and was subsequently fired from her job. The pretence was that she did not use the official whistleblowers process, a process she (and many others) view as ineffective.

Case study #104: PEN Canada

What happens when a champion of free expression asks questions of the Canada Revenue Agency's audits of charities? Especially if you voice concerns over the apparent targeting of progressive charities? Well, in the case of PEN Canada, you get audited too.