Ask questions, get audited: the case of PEN Canada

Dear Voices-Voix supporters,

What happens when a champion of free expression asks questions of the Canada Revenue Agency's audits of charities? Especially if you voice concerns over the apparent targeting of progressive charities? Well, in the case of PEN Canada, you get audited too.

Job Offer: Communications Coordinator for Voices-Voix

Position: Communications Coordinator

Start date: July 21, 2014, negotiable
Duration: 6-month consultant contract, renewable
Salary: 15$/hour
Number of hours per week: Part-time, 15-20 hours per week
Location: Montreal or Ottawa, preferably
Applications must be received no later than 5pm, Wednesday July 9.

Voices-Voix is seeking a part-time Communications Coordinator. We are looking for an individual who has knowledge of the human rights and social justice sector in Canada, and an understanding of the challenges faced by advocacy and nonprofit organizations in the country. The person must be organized, bilingual, reliable, able to work both autonomously and collaboratively, and has some experience in organizing and/or communications. This is an excellent opportunity to develop networks and gain experience in a rapidly changing civil society context in Canada.

Voices-Voix Newsletter September 2013

“A body of evidence”: Since our last newsletter, the trend of silencing dissent and critical voices has picked up steam, and activities at Voices-Voix have kept going to keep track of these events. A record of mounting evidence is building. (...)

Voices-Voix Newsletter December 2012

"Fighting back with facts": It's been a busy fall here at Voices-Voix and there's no sign of the activity letting up.

The dedicated interns, staff and volunteers produced 15 new fact sheets on individuals and groups who have been silenced through targeted defunding, threats to their charitable status and intimidation, among other tactics employed by the federal government against its critics. (...)

Voices-Voix Newsletter September 2012

"Building momentum": With the arrival of fall, Voices-Voix is focusing on expanding its reach beyond the Voices-Voix community and generating public interest in its ongoing Documentation Project on the silencing of voices of dissent and advocacy in Canada. (...)

Since 2010, Voices-Voix has documented more than 50 cases of dissenting voices being silenced by the Canadian government. (...)