Coalition Objects to Renewed Calls for Weaker Encryption Following 'Five Eyes' Ottawa Meeting

Voices-Voix signed onto a letter alongside 83 other organizations and experts from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, urging the 'Five Eyes' governments to encourage strong encryption, which is necessary for privacy and security:

June 30, 2017

To Ministers Responsible for the Five Eyes Security Community,

Turning a Corner: Laying the Groundwork for Charity Regulatory Reform in Canada

The paper, Turning a Corner: Laying the Groundwork for Charity Regulatory Reform in Canada, by Mowat NFP is second in a series that provides a resource for the federal government and nonprofit and charitable sector to develop a modern federal policy framework. The framework focuses on enabling the sector and strengthening its ability to improve quality of life in Canada and abroad.

An excerpt from the introduction of the report:

Mapping the Achievements of Civil Society - Thematic Report by Former UN Special Rapporteur on Free Assembly, Maina Kiai

June 2017 - Report by Maina Kiai, former UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

In his final thematic report, Maina Kiai addresses: Has civil society made the world a better place? Where and when has civil society made concrete and identifiable achievements? What would the world look like without civil society?

Below is an excerpt from the report presentation:

21 leading organizations ask government to enact panel recommendations on freedom of speech for charities and income tax law reform

Today, 21 leading charities and non-profit organizations reacted to a new independent Expert Panel Report by requesting the federal government immediately table a bill to implement the recommendations it provides.

The Right to Dissent

The Right to Dissent

The Right to Dissent: A Guide to International Law Obligations to respect, protect and fulfil the right of all persons to participate in public affairs by engaging in criticism, opposition and dissent.

Canada Revenue Agency monitoring Facebook, Twitter posts of some Canadians

By Elizabeth Thompson, CBC News, January 19, 2017
Agency is increasingly turning to cutting-edge data analysis techniques to improve service and 'compliance'.
David Christopher, of the advocacy group Open Media, said his organization opposes government agencies monitoring what Canadians are saying on social media.

'Rule of law' racism, C-51 and the coming resistance wave

solidarity against pipelines

Protecting the planet is clearly being perceived as an act of terrorism by those who exercise the prosecutorial reins of the judicial system.

Strengthening Oversight: Restoring and Improving Independent Commissions and Parliamentary Watchdogs

In Canada, independent commissions and parliamentary watchdogs play an important role in checking the exercise of executive power. To operate effectively, these agencies should be adequately funded, free from political interference, and afforded the powers necessary to investigate, monitor and report on the government’s conduct. In a parliamentary democracy these bodies also ensure oversight by answering to Parliament as a whole, as elected representatives of the Canadian people.

Your chance to protect civil liberties and get rid of C-51

From Oct. 17 to 21, we'll have a great chance to call on parliament to act to protect the right to dissent, when the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security will be holding in person consultations in 5 cities across Canada. Click for all the details.